January 2017

[Scheduled] Scheduled Datacenter Maintenance - no interruptions expected
The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Jan 12, 22:00-22:30 PST
Burst pipe when trying to reach page level templates
This has been fixed by our engineering team. Please email help@nationbuilder.com if you're still experiencing burst pipe errors.
Jan 11, 10:40-10:51 PST
[Scheduled] Updates to some NationBuilder services
The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Jan 2, 11:30 - Jan 4, 19:30 PST

December 2016

Secure pages such as control panel URLs, login pages, and donation pages are leading to error pages
This has been resolved - all secure pages are working as expected and imports are running. If you have any additional questions please email help@nationbuilder.com.
Dec 20, 16:56-23:26 PST

November 2016

Stylesheets are not rendering correctly for some sites
This incident has been resolved. Please email help@nationbuilder.com if you are unable to identify and resolve issues related to rendering of stylesheets.
Nov 22, 16:04-19:14 PST
Reports of errors when trying to access some sites
The underlying issue is resolved and we are closing the incident at this time.
Nov 19, 15:17-19:03 PST
Reports of emails not going out
We have mitigated the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience and disruption of service.
Nov 11, 09:22-10:09 PST
Email blast delays
Email blasts are now sending normally without delays.
Nov 8, 06:22-09:07 PST

October 2016

Performance issues with the NationBuilder Phone Support line
Our phone service provider has announced that their systems are operating normally. Please email help@nationbuilder.com if you are not able to reach our support team by phone during regular business hours.
Oct 21, 09:42-15:36 PST
Problems with PayPal Transactions
PayPal's internet service provider has announced their issues are resolved. Transactions processed through NationBuilder are operating normally, but please email help@nationbuilder.com if you have additional reports.
Oct 21, 09:38-15:34 PST
Problems with Phone System
This incident has been resolved.
Oct 18, 12:09-12:57 PST
Reports of "This site can't be reached" error on some sites
We have a fix in and nationbuilder.com is now loading as expected. If you are experiencing any additional issues please email us at help@nationbuilder.com.
Oct 10, 12:18-13:16 PST
Partial outage of customer sites and control panels
All sites and control panels loading correctly again.
Oct 7, 06:33-06:35 PST
API Issues
Issue resolved. API traffic is back to normal.
Oct 4, 15:14-15:31 PST

September 2016

No incidents reported for this month.